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Why not run away to sea this summer and explore dramatic coastlines, picturesque seaside towns, vibrant festivals, historic sites, beautiful rivers and estuaries as we voyage around the England Channel/La Manche from the Isles of Scilly to Dover, Calais to Roscoff. 


Coastal sailing, gentle island hopping, bustling traditional harbours, remote anchorages, abundant wildlife, classic boat festivals, historic sites and museums, firework displays, air shows and cruises deep into the countryside of Devon and Cornwall are all part of this year's adventures. 


We welcome solo travellers, couples and groups, people of all ages, genders, races and creeds, experienced sailors and novices, passengers and participants. Learn the rope and help sail the ship or just just chill out and let us take the strain. And of course all accompanied by lots of good food and drink, comfortable private cabins and stimulating company.

There is something for everybody!

  • Explore the coasts and rivers of both sides of the English Channel.

  • Low adrenaline sailing with no previous experience needed.

  • Coastal spritsail Thames barge, with an experienced professional crew.

  • Plenty of time to explore the beautiful ports and anchorages we visit.

  • Look out for dolphins, seals and seabirds as we sail.

  • Visit the iconic historic Channel sites of invasion and defence from the sea.

  • Comfortable, spacious accommodation in single and double cabins 

  • Great home cooked food.  

  • Sustainable adventure sailing holidays accessible by public transport.

  • An all-inclusive tariff with no hidden service or bar charges.

  • Perfect adventure for solo travellers with just 6 passengers per leg.

  • Go to 'Useful Information' for more information.

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Summer 2024 Sailing Holidays

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