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Round Britain Voyage 2022

"  After dinner, we turned in early; we had a 6am start in order to catch the flood tide. My cabin had a window, a desk and a bed. I found the gentle movement and creaks of the boat soothing, and slept soundly every night.

The first day’s sail was the longest: about seven hours to Dover. Two seals popped up alongside us as we left the marina. I was worried about sea sickness, and the sea was a little choppy, especially near Dover, but the sheer size of Snark means it doesn’t bounce about too much, and Paul and Qiao don’t sail in rough weather. Passengers can pitch in with the sailing – Paul will show beginners the ropes – or just relax on deck. I favoured the latter option, with a cup of tea and a book borrowed from the ship’s library. We sailed close enough to the shore to see Hastings, Dungeness and Folkestone, before the white cliffs came into view.


Dover isn’t the prettiest port – we were moored next to a dredger – but we had a delicious dinner (veggie noodles with fresh mackerel, homemade madeleines with raspberries and ice-cream) on deck, with a view of the castle and church. "







Rachel Dixon for the Guardian 05 07 2022  full article here


"  Run by Paul and Qiao, the skipper and first mate (and also husband and wife), the boat serves as the pair’s home during the winter months, before being used to take guests on sailing holidays when the weather warms up.  Paul, a former international sailor on racing yachts, and Qiao are both architects by training - which means the living quarters on board are, perhaps unsurprisingly, beautifully crafted.  From the well-equipped kitchen to the ingenious layouts of the guest cabins, every detail on the Snark is meticulously thought-through, making for an exceptionally liveable space.  Which was good news, as it would be my home for 11 days.

I was one of four guests, a diverse group in terms of background, age and outlook. This seems to be fairly typical of Snark’s clientele, drawing some people with a particular interest in sailing, others with a deep passion for the environment, and some who simply want to try something new.  This combination of personalities, along with Paul and Qiao’s fascinating backgrounds, made for lively and memorable dinner-table conversations.

All the food is prepared by Paul - a wonderful cook - with a very varied menu ..... And there are plenty of excellent drinks options too, all included in the price. "

Marthe de Ferrer  for  Euronews Travel  10 10 2022   full article here 


Sailing Cruise 2020

 " Spent 4 days sailing and/or drifting along the south Devon coast learning the ropes (literally), sunbathing, reading on deck, meditating on the ocean view, espying dolphins and seals, and waving to other sailors/harbourmasters who all seemed very impressed by this boat. Very relaxing break away from the COVID madness.

Bunk beds below are long enough for tall people; menu was excellent and on-deck dining great; great company and chat with Paul and Qiao about sailing and the state of the world in general, would highly recommend. "
  Sophia P.

Sailing Cruises 2019

I had such a great, relaxing weekend and the sailing experience on the Thames barge was fascinating.'

Yoga Retreats 2019

'A memorable break - the combination of the sea, Devon, yoga, good company and great food.'

B&B 2019


“Qiao and Paul are fantastic hosts which spend the whole year on their beautifully and self-renovated bark. Qiao responded quickly to my requests and they were very accommodating since we checked-in later than originally expected. They served fantastic breakfast with self-made bread and local food and we a also had the chance to have a brillant dinner with them. The ‚Snark‘ is beautifully renovated with a large dining room. Our ‚cabin‘ was not really spacious (well that’s how it is on a boat) but we worked it out with the 4 of us. We enjoyed the time on the Snark very much and we would definitely recommend to stay with Qiao and Paul. It‘s great experience with great people.”   Micheala

“We spent an exciting night on the sailing boat Snark. When we arrived at the boatyard (FULL ADDRESS in sat nav will get you there, postcode alone will take you elsewhere) we turned the corner and our eyes fell upon the imposing mast and folded sails which dominated the creek. The weather was wild and choppy on the Dart estuary so there was a change of plan and we boarded the boat in a small beautiful creek alongside the boatyard. That was preferable to us. The boat interior is the handy work of a pair of architects, Qiao and Paul... beautifully designed in pale wood with white interior, uncluttered and spacious. The photos don't do it justice. Plenty of room in the cabin though the mattresses were firm. One of the group slept in a hammock in the communal room and it was made private by a curtain. Before dinner, we enjoyed a bottle of bubbly on the deck in the evening sun. Paul cooked us all a full English breakfast in the galley, accommodating our every need. A wonderful finish to a memorable trip.”  Amanda


“We’d been left in a spot of bother when our boat needed some fixing.....what better place to stay than Qiao and Paul’s fantastic ‘Pirate Ship’!! My two children were very excited at this turn of events! (Although, slightly disappointed we didn’t see any actual pirates!!) Qiao and Paul are absolutely fantastic hosts, very friendly. We loved hearing about how you have transformed the amazing barge. The barge really has more wow factor than you can see from the pictures. The beds are a really good size-the four of us slept very well. Breakfast was such a lovely touch too. Really delicious. Unfortunately, we weren’t really onboard to enjoy all of the yoga or relaxation that can be offered but if you are then you’ll be in for a total treat I’m sure! Good luck with everything guys and thanks again. Jo, David, Kitty & Hugo.” 


“Thank you for a lovely stay, I was originally apprehensive as I was staying on my own but you both made me feel so welcome and comfortable”   Abbie

"I spent 4 nights on the Snark, and I'm so glad I did. Qiao and Paul were amazing hosts - their kindness and hospitality were exceptional! They were so helpful with getting me around the harbour (or helping get a water taxi) and giving tips for great things to do. The Snark is an amazing and unique boat and it is clear that Qiao and Paul have put a lot of love and hard work into making it a wonderful, special place to be. The views of the harbour and river were stunning, and watching the daily comings and goings of a harbour town from the deck of the Snark was truly unforgettable. The food was great as well, and the atmosphere always so relaxed and peaceful - a perfect holiday!  Lacey Helmuth     July 2019

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