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Winter dining on the Snark

Our Winter 2023-4 season is now over.

We will be opening again at the beginning of October 2024 and on line bookings from late July 2024.


The Snark is very different from a conventional restaurant, it is a place to share a meal with other guests, to meet and talk to new people. It is not set up for private or intimate dining. There are no endless menus or impenetrable wine lists;  just come and be well fed and watered, enjoy the company of fellow guests and leave comfortably replete. We sometimes add wine tasting, live music, fun and games, poetry and prose and other special activities to the mix.  More on this soon.

Venue and seating

  • The Snark is the big green sailing ship moored on the Exeter Ship Canal on Piazza Terracina, Exeter. Access is up the gangplank, across the deck, through a big lift up hatch (knock on the white hatch if it's closed to keep the winter out!) and down a stair into the main salon. 

  • There are 24 places for a single sitting on benches at two long shared tables. Please introduce yourselves to your neighbours, you will be sharing your meal with them!

  • The space is warm and cosy, just right for a winter dinner. 

Food and drink

  • The food is home cooked from fresh local ingredients in the open galley and served in four courses to the table in bowls and platters to be shared between all the guests.  Brunch and special event meals are usually three courses.

  • The menu changes every two weeks based on places we have been and loved; Moorish Spain, Italy and of course England, plus a few special evenings to celebrate other cuisines. Typical menus and the dates for each will be on the menu page.

  • We cook a mixture of carne and vegetarian dishes but not vegan. Inevitably since all the dishes are shared vegetarians will have less variety.

  • Let us know if you have any allergies. We'll do what we can but we cannot guarantee any dishes are allergen free as all food is prepared in our small galley and there is inevitably some cross contamination.   

  • We are not able to make special dishes to suit restricted diets. 

  • We sell a simple range of wines, beer and soft drinks over the counter. We do not provide table service for drinks or  run tabs.

Opening hours

  • Dinner - Thursday, Friday Saturday

  • doors open 18:30, dinner starts 19:00, close 21:30

  • Lunch - Sunday

  • doors open 12:15, lunch starts 12:45, close 15:00.

  • Please be on time or your favourite dish might run out!

  • We are open for winter dining from October 2024 to February 2025 



  • We take bookings up to 24 hours in advance, so we can cook the right amount of food with minimum waste. You pay on line by direct bank transfer when you book or we can invoice you.

  • Children over 8 only, no pets please and no smoking or vaping above or below deck.

  • To keep our dining room as sociable as possible we limit bookings in the main hold to six people.

  • You can cancel, change dates or numbers up to 48 hours before your booking and if appropriate receive a full refund.

  • If you want to organise a private event like an office party or a birthday celebration or have a larger group please contact us to discuss. 

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