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Snark is a large and comfortable boat that can accommodate less agile guests and those with limited abilities on sailing holidays around Britain. She is designed and fitted out to accommodate as diverse a range of abilities as we can.


At sea, however, some of Snark's access is via ship's ladder. Trip hazards and awkward corners are all over the decks.

Some of the ports we visit are only accessible by quayside ladders which can be daunting.  We can use a hoist to get you ashore, but some find this demeaning, it is safe and quite understandable, dont be embarrassed to ask for help.

Our tender that transfers you from Snark to shore is accessed by a vertical ladder and is easily accessible to anyone with good mobility. We can hoist less mobile passengers in and out, but this can be a little undignified.

Please let us know in advance if you have any disability that might cause you problems on board. We'll discuss with you how we can overcome them, and if we can’t, we'll let you know immediately.

Wheelchairs & accessibility


Snak is a large traditional sailing vessel and a number of physical barriers can make moving around on deck and accessing various facilities below deck problematic to anyone with limited mobility, making her unsuitable for anyone restricted to using a wheelchair. 


Where strength and dexterity are restrictions, we can usually find tasks and activities that allow you to be involved.


Visual & auditory disabilities


Those with visual and auditory disabilities may have difficulty following commands and working with the complex and potentially dangerous rigging. However, with some patience and, where necessary, with a designated helper, most people can be part of the crew and make a contribution to the sailing of the vessel.

Learning disabilities


Sailing is a remarkable leveller and is accessible by those with learning and mental health problems, often providing a positive therapeutic effect. However, it’s essential that all on board are capable and prepared to follow instructions for their own safety and that of others. So, where the learning disability limits this  capacity we're unlikely to be able to accommodate.

With all of the above, the Skipper’s opinion and decision regarding whether a passenger can be accommodated is final.  We do not operate an appeal procedure.

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