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Food & drink


On Snark, we prepare most of our food on board, including baking our own bread.

Our menus are generally pescatarian and vegetarian, with a bias towards Mediterranean and Moorish recipes, with some Oriental and British classics thrown in for contrast. 

Some dishes we pre-prepare and freeze to save time at the end of a long sailing day; others we might encourage you to help prepare: making and eating your own steam buns and won ton is always fun. ​


Ethically sourced ingredients


Where possible, we source our ingredients and prepare food locally, fish from the harbour, fruit and veg from local farms, wine from local merchants and dairy from local producers. Other produce we try to source from organic UK producers, with flours from Shipton Mill, pulses and oils from Whole Foods.

These will vary depending on our itinerary for the day and what is good and seasonally available.

We have also decided to cut back on animal proteins, as the evidence on the negative environmental impact of animal farming, whether on land or at sea, is irrefutable. So no red meat - I can't deny that I miss a good bacon sandwich! but lots of fresh fish.

For more about our procurement and provisioning, check out our Responsible Travel page.

Typical day's menu

We serve a fixed menu each day on board, comprising three meals - breakfast (cooked when possible), cold lunch and cooked dinner.  

Meals will vary depending on our itinerary for the day and what is good and seasonally available.


Typical dishes might include the following;


  • Fresh fruit, yogurt and granola

  • Porridge - either oats or rice with appropriate side dishes

  • Cooked dishes – Croque Monsieur, smoked kippers, poached eggs on toast

  • Fresh ciabatta, croissant, home baked brioche, wholemeal toast

  • Butter, preserves, local honey, milk etc.

  • Coffee and tea


  • Freshly made bread rolls with fillings; smoked and pickled fish, cheeses, spreads, fresh coleslaw, salad, and more.

  • Local pasties, homemade pies, salad bowl

  • Hot noodle soup with oriental trimmings

  • Simple pasta dishes

  • Vegetable soups with crusty bread

  • Plus biscuits and cakes


Main courses

  • Homemade ‘Barge Pie’ with veggie fillings served with fresh veg and gravy

  • Aubergine tagine and Moorish salads

  • Veggie sausages, mash and greens with onion gravy

  • Freshly baked pizzas with a choice of toppings and side salad

  • Freshly prepared sushi and Japanese side dishes with miso soup

  • Chinese stir fry vegetables and pan fried fish or smoked tofu with rice or noodles

  • Home made fish and vegan steam buns and won ton

  • Broad bean and parmesan risotto with rocket and fresh coleslaw

  • Various curry dishes with rice, home made chapatis, naan and salads

  • Oven baked fresh fish with potato salad and coleslaw


  • Tarte Caprese with clotted cream (aka gooey chocolate pudding)

  • Tarte Santiago with Devon clotted cream (aka almond and Oloroso pie) 

  • Tarte Frangipane with summer fruit. (aka posh Bakewell tart)

  • Apple and pear pie with ice-cream or custard.

  • Fresh fruit and ice-cream

  • French apple pie or Tart Tatin with cream.

  • Home-made tiramisu

  • And much more! 

Dietary restrictions and preferences


Let us know in advance your special dietary needs or serious dislikes. We take reasonable precautions to omit allergens when notified, but some minor cross contamination may still occur. Multiple food intolerances and serious allergies are very difficult for us to accommodate and we may decline a booking for this reason 

We can prepare special meals and dishes if given reasonable notice to get the right ingredients, usually three days. If these are particularly luxurious and expensive, we may have to make a special additional charge. We will let you know in advance.



Onboard, you can choose from wines, beers, ciders, cordials, juices, teas and coffees, all included in your tariff.

We provide wine and beer, as well as soft drinks with meals and at other appropriate times, when not sailing. This is at the skipper’s discretion.

We encourage people to avoid overindulgence, boats and drunks do not mix well, so please drink in moderation. We don't allow the consumption of spirits onboard and we don't allow guests to bring their own alcoholic drinks on board.  If this is a problem for you this might not be the best holiday to book. 


Teas and coffees are available throughout the day. We have a limited choice of teas, so if you have a particular favourite, please bring some on board to share.

Join in


​We can always use an extra pair of hands chopping, making drinks, serving or clearing up, so feel free to offer your help at mealtimes.

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