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Summer Accommodation


'Paul and Qiao are both architects by training - which means the living quarters on board are, perhaps unsurprisingly, beautifully crafted.  From the well-equipped kitchen to the ingenious layouts of the guest cabins, every detail on the Snark is meticulously thought-through, making for an exceptionally liveable space.'

Marthe de Ferrer, Euronews, Sept 2022 

On board Snark, we provide comfortable accommodation options as you sail around Britain with us. Whether you’re travelling alone or with company, one of Snark’s cabins is tailored for your needs. Each cabin has been carefully designed to make your holiday with us as enjoyable as possible. Check out our accommodation below. We’ve upgraded the accommodation on Snark to make your holiday on board comfortable and relaxing, so you can get a good night’s kip. We now have three cabins within the main hold: two singles, one twin with an upper and lower bunk, as well as a premium double cabin. 

snark interior plan

Snark’s public areas


With high ceilings, light wood, plenty of windows and underfloor heating, the main hold is a great area to meet your fellow passengers. 


Here you’ll find a fully equipped modern and spacious galley (kitchen), a lounge area, and a well-stocked library. 


The flexible hold can seat up to 18 people for charter events and provide dining and lounge seating for nine when cruising. 


On deck

During the passages, the action all takes place on deck: setting sails, steering the boat, trimming, tacking, gybing - all the boaty stuff we love so much. 


At anchor or in port, the large upper deck becomes our outdoor terrace, set with tables and chairs for evening drinks and dining al fresco 




All passengers share a large bathroom with a dual shower and hot running water, a wc and basin, while the crew share a wet room heads aft. During the day, both shower rooms with WCs are available for use by passengers. Hot water may not be turned on during the day so ask to check it is available. 


We start each leg of our voyage with 1,000 litres of fresh water on board for showers and washing, which can quickly run out so please use sparingly. 


The toilets use recycled greywater and rainwater, which may appear a bit dirty. Toilets are conventional, land-based units attached to macerator pumps. Please do not dispose of any other than the 4 P’s down the loos. (pee, poo, puke, the toilet paper provided)

At night, the midships bathroom is for guest use. The aft heads is reserved for crew only in the evenings and at night.

owners cabin

Owner's cabin               Main salon and galley


Dining-and-galley-on S.B
Main head on S.B,Snark

Owner’s cabin


Our private premium double cabin has a comfortable full-sized king bed, sky lights, built-in storage and an additional settee bunk. This is perfect for couples and has space to move around or chill out in private. It can accommodate a family of three: contact us for more information.

Standard berth


Our standard berth is a single bunk allocated in either a twin cabin (with an upper and lower bunk) or one of two single cabins (with a lower or upper bunk). All cabins have windows and built-in storage. All bunks have  full-sized, comfortable sprung mattresses and cosy duvets.


Note that it’s common practice in sailing for the skipper to allocate standard berths on arrival to suit the gender and ability mix of the passengers. Where possible, we will accommodate passenger preferences, but we cannot guarantee a single room or single occupancy.

A good night's sleep


'I found the gentle movement and creaks of the boat soothing, and slept soundly every night.'

Rachel Dixon,  Guardian,  July 2022


Most of our guests sleep like logs after a day spent in the open air. 


However, boats are full of unusual noises; ropes creek, waves slap the hull, pumps whine and the wind whistles in the rigging. For the experienced sailor, these are comforting sounds, but for newcomers they may disturb your sleep. Window blinds provide privacy, but are not blackout. In summer, dawn can be early so if you're used to blackout in your bedrooms, this might be a problem. If you're a light sleeper, consider bringing ear plugs and eye masks. 


Remember, you have little auditory privacy on a boat; the cabins are not sound-proofed and you can hear and may be heard by others.

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