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winter words

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Three scandi words mean a lot to us here on Snark.

Hygge, “It’s about removing the guilt from enjoying the simple pleasures in life.”

Whether you are on a sailing trip or a retreat, we provide cozy berths, wholesome and tasty freshly prepared food, quality wines and beers, teas and coffees, good company and conversion and rewarding activities.

Lykke, Togetherness, Health, Money, Freedom, Trust and Kindness, the six categories of happiness.

We live communally on Snark, sharing meals, cabin space and fun, away from the pollution, stress and the restrictions of urban life; you can unwind in a cooperative, non judgemental place and rediscover what is good.

Flygskam; literally ‘flight shaming’ but more generally balancing journey need and sustainability.

We all need to relax and recharge sometimes but is the best way to fly half way around the world? For sure, travel broadens the mind but so does participating in new and challenging experiences. You can get to Snark by train, ferry, steam railway and/or bus from anywhere in Europe or think about a car share if that makes more sense. Snark is propelled by the wind ( whenever we can, we do use engines too! ) and sometimes the tide. And what better way to reconnect with the natural world than on the water.

Dolphin leaping in Brixham Harbour 23.12.2019

More winter words coming up soon.

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