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winter's coming

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

We are sails are now de-rigged and we are snug in our winter berth on Old Mill Creek protected from the winter storms by a steep valley sides. That also means our 4G connection is deflected by the hills and our reception is sometimes a bit patchy. Don't worry we will still get your messages but sometimes it can take a little longer to respond.

We have a really exciting programme planned for next year the highlight of which is a cruise from Dartmouth to London, followed by a series of cruises and events following in the Wake of the Mayflower around the south coast from London via Southampton and Dartmouth to Plymouth following the dates and routes in the Mayflower log 400 years ago. We will also be taking part in Mayflower 400 parades, special celebrations and activities on route. more details on our site.

Other West Country cruises, yoga retreats and week end sails are being posted over the next few days so keep an eye open for something that might suit your needs.

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