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We are finally off......

Our departure from Topsham on our grand tour of the Channel was delayed by a rather annoying late delivery of our new lithium batteries. The old lead acid battery bank had given up the ghost, the result of a dodgy temperature sensor. No one stocks the big chunky new lithium batteries in the UK and they have to be imported from the Netherlands. They suddenly decided that lithium batteries should be stored in special fireproof warehouses, creating chaos in the supply chain, resulting in a week's delay.

Anyway we are now fully recharged, so to speak, and heading out of the Ex at 08:30 tomorrow morning, through this rather narrow gap in the moorings, bound for first for Portland, then Portsmouth, Littlehampton, Eastbourne and across the Channel to Dieppe. The delay means we are cutting out the Dover, Calais, Boulogne section, probably for the best as Boulogne seems incapable of finding us a berth!

We will be blogging at the end of each leg with highlights and special news or follow us on Insta or X for daily posts. Those of a nautical bent can follow our progress on Our AIS ( Automatic Identification System) transponder transmits continuously so you can see were we are at any time and follow our recent track.

We still have berths available so why not also check out our web site and book a last minute summer holiday to remember.

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