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Up and running

We have just finished week 2 of our Winter Dining in Exeter and would like to thank all of our guests who took a chance by booking before we had even opened! The feed back we are getting is very encouraging and the word is obviously out as bookings are starting to come in at a good pace.

Seeing the way people have embraced the social and sharing side of the dinners has been satisfying and being trusted to host peoples special celebrations is particularly rewarding; yesterday a private wedding dinner and the night before a 30th wedding anniversary.

We have just opened on line bookings for our Winter Festival programme, a series of special meals and events to celebrate the various festivals connected with mid winter and the new year(s), including a traditional Christmas lunch for those who simply can't be ***** to cook it for themselves! Check them out on our web site.

We have adjust our menu schedule in 2024 to make sure we tie in with these. Bookings are now open through to the end of February and the cut off is shortened to one day; we still need to know in advance how many we need to cook for!

Final arrangements for some other pop-up events are just being finalised and should be posted this week. Keep an eye out, they will be fun.

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