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Dartmouth is a beautiful place, the combination of the steep wooded valleys, the historic town with its ancient buildings and the gateway to the sea are unique in England. There is one iconic view that sums it up for many people, taken from Bayards Cove, where many famous vessels moored including the Mayflower. It look east towards the sunrise, past the Castle to the sea. These are some of my favourites.

Taken while enjoying a pint on the terrace of the Dartmouth Arms before our last trip to Falmouth.

The clouds can show the tell tale signs of a storm on the way.

or be the precursor to a beautiful autumn day

and sometimes the Castle is completely lost in the mist through which we feel our way out to the Bay.

Whatever the circumstances you can be sure of an wonderful time on board Snark. Check out the many events we have planned for the summer from day sails to seven day voyages around the south coast, from yoga retreats on the river Dart to great food and live music at the Dartmouth Music Festival.

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