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The Rhythms of Snark

Life aboard our sailing barge Snark follows the rhythms of the world.

The changing seasons dictate the length of the day and bring fine and foul weather in changing proportions, influencing when and where we can sail and the kinds of activities we can offer. They bring changes to the landscape, particular the hills and woods surrounding the Dart, the wildlife we share the river and coast with and they bring different foods that directly influence the menus we offer on board.

Each day the tide rises and falls and each month, the height of the tides changes with the waxing and waning of the moon. The tidal currents ebb and flow at different times and rates, opening up different destinations and directions of travel.

The wind in our sails oscillates and the weather changes as the eddies and waves of the atmosphere roll across the oceans; providing challenges and opportunities in equal measure.

Waves rise and fall in response to the wind, time and tide, they can be soothing or daunting and will influence how we sail and where we go. The mood of the sea changes with every influence, its colour, texture, shape, and behaviour are a direct reflection of the world above.

Some rhythms we can predict years in advance, others only hours ahead. We will help you understand and feel their influences and in doing so help you share our sense of being in the world. Our itineraries seek to be in harmony rather than fight these rhythms. Although planned in advance they will evolve depending on the immediate circumstances.

We are approaching the equinox and the sun is getting higher in the sky. Our first voyage is just eight weeks away and we are busy with the pre season preparations. We still have places available on our trips ranging from a weekend trip out of Topsham to a 7 day exploration of the Brittany coast, and much more.

Why not see what might help you reconnect with nature.

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