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Sailing past the Needles

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The last Thames barge to bring a commercial cargo into the Dart was the S.B. Will Everard who reportedly brought a load of Norfolk reed to Totnes in 1965, which would make one of her last commercial voyages.

Here she is sailing past the Needles at the west end of Isle of Wight (artist unknown), maybe on her way to Totnes. Will, as she is now called, is a muley rigged, steel hulled, spritsail barge just like Snark though we are a little smaller and our sails aren't red!

This summer Snark will be sailing from Dartmouth along the Jurassic coast, past Portland and Anvil Point, through the Needles Channel into the Solent. We will return around the south side of the Isle of Wight via Bembrige and St Catherine's Point, passing the Needles pretty much on the same course as the painting and back via Studland and Weymouth to berth in Dartmouth Then a couple of days later we will head up the Dart to Totnes, in the wake of Will Everard.

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