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Japanese fish suppers

Why do we keep posting pictures of food? Well cooking is a bit of an obsession with us and we are using our lock down time to explore and improve the range dishes we will be serving to our guests next season.

This week it’s a Japanese fish suppers;

And the ingredients from the top;

  • Home made fish stock soup with nori

  • Wakame seaweed salad with mirin dressing

  • Home made beetroot Japanese pickles

  • Pan fried teriyaki sea bream with koshikikari rice

  • Cucumber, red pepper and carrot salad with toasted sesame dressing

  • Home made pickled ginger

It tasted as good as it looked.!

We do a pretty good sushi dinner too when we have suitable fish. Fresh mackerel and egg rolls for this one.

Last week we also had another go at making sushi. No raw fish this time as we don’t have a suitable supply at present, so made with pan fried salmon. Ridiculous when you think we are 6 miles from Brixton but blame the vested interests in the supply chain not the fishermen. The pink miso was a bit weird but very tasty!

And just in case you are worried that we only cook oriental food here is a roast pork dinner I prepared earlier, yum.

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