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culinary adventures

Forced seclusion has given us the opportunity to learn how to cook more adventurous cuisine on board. A diverse order from Sous Chef and a huge box of assorted world flours from Shipton Mill has started us off.

So we started with yet another type of bread, Norwegian Knackerbrod the real rye-vita dark rye and spelt and a generous pinch of carraway seeds, twice baked, the hole was to allow the wafers to be hung in the roof of the farmhouse in the smoke from the fire. We haven't gone that far and they all disappeared within days. A bit under baked first time but taste great.

Then we moved on to one of our own creations, Barge Pie, which contains whatever is available in the fridge at the time, on this occasion lamb and leeks with a good dash of Oloroso sherry and thyme. served with spinach wilted in toasted sesame oil, it didn't last long.

And so to lunch today, miso soup with Shirataki noodles, seasonal veg and smoked tofu, comfort food for Qiao who's feeling the cabin fever building.

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