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Business Declares

We are excited to announce that Snark Ltd has joined Business Declares, the diverse group of businesses that have committing to acknowledge and broadcast the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Those of you who follow our posts will already know of our commitment to provide sustainable travel and holiday opportunities for our customers. Joining this new UN inspired initiative takes us one step further, with a new commitment to reach our zero-carbon goal by 2030.

This is a challenging target for a micro business in the marine transport sector, but we believe that we have an obligation to make a difference. As well as working in collaboration with like-minded businesses to support our goals, we will also seek to nudge the less committed in the right direction. Even the smallest voice makes a difference to the growing chorus of concerned enterprises that are highlighting the challenges and uncomfortable truths surrounding this emergency and advocating for equitable change.

We have no doubt that changes in everyone’s lifestyles are going to come as a result of this crisis. This could be structured and voluntary or anarchic and imposed. Either way everyone’s freedom of choice is going to be limited. The question being should this be fairly distributed or a free for all, with the privileged continuing to take a lion’s share?

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