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Barging around Kent

Our summer will be spent sailing Snark around the British coast. Each of the ten legs has its own particular character and focus. 'White Cliffs' takes us deep into the world of Thames Barges and England's maritime art and heritage.

We start at Eastbourne, which more about Snark than barges. It was here that Charles Dodgson frequently holidayed and is a location that undoubtedly influenced his poem, 'The Hunting of the Snark'. From here we head to Dover, a common stopover for barges making passage from Portland and the Solent to the Thames. Then on to beach at Margate as the barges would have done a hundred years ago. Here we also cross paths with the great painter of seascapes, J M W Turner, and the contemporary gallery that bears his name.

A short sail will take us to Whitstable, the home of N. Kent Oysters for a sea food blowout. Then on through the Swale, a narrow passage between Kent and the Isle of Sheppey, into the Medway. This is a complex area of swatchways, mudbanks and low lying islands, the birth place of numerous Thames barges, including Snark, and the graveyard of many, which lie rotting around Hoo.

A day at Chatham Maritime gives time to explore the amazing Historic Dockyard with it's working rope walk, historic ships and museums, not forgetting the Dockyard brewery for a quick tipple. Next stop is Gravesend to sail alongside the historic Thames Match race for Thames barges and join in the associated festivities.

And finally cruising up the Thames to Limehouse Basin in London a common cargo transfer dock from sailing to canal barge.

From £1680 from ten days all inclusive. Book at 2 White Cliffs | SNARK

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