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Barge body ready!

Summer is coming and all around the country people are starting crash diets in a vain attempt to reverse the inevitable toll on the nations waistlines that lockdown has caused. Not so here on Snark, we are sacrificing our beach ready bodies in the pursuit of culinary excellence. While we may be some way off Master Chef we are confident we can serve up a tasty and wholesome menu for our future guests.

recent practice meals;

  • Victoria(ish) sponge and tea;

  • beetroot biryani, keema matar, cucumber raita and home made naan;

  • a 'Full Chinese' breakfast of djoe (rice porridge) and from the left, jellyfish, pickled ginger, cucumber, pork sausage, fermented bamboo shoots, smoked haddock in sake, hardboiled eggs in teriyaki;

  • Exmouth mussels, fennel and rough wholemeal bread;

  • Wuxi steam buns filled with local Devon crab.

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