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avoiding the gateway to hell

In Greek mythology Cerberus is the three headed dog that guards the gateway to Hell. Not to keep people out but to keep them in!

We are seeing aptly named the Mediterranean heatwave 'Cerberus' reaching unprecedented high temperatures this week. Temperatures in excess of 40 c are dangerous for many and very uncomfortable for all. The coastal temperature in Bodrum, the yacht charter capital of the eastern Med will be in the region of 40 - 42 c for the next couple of weeks and it is forecast to be way above average for the rest of the summer. You do not want to be inside a plastic boat in these temperatures!

By contrast the daytime temperature here in Dartmouth Devon, is a pleasant 20 - 24 degrees. It is wet today, Friday, bringing welcome rain for the lush fields and temperate rain forests of south Devon. It will be very windy tomorrow and Sunday, then the rest of the week will be mild, gentle breezes and the odd shower, perfect for our West Country voyage to Falmouth and back.

There is a tragic irony in the fact that the very act of flying to a holiday in the Med or beyond is a major contributor to the increase in climatic volatility that is causing these unprecedented extremes in weather. By booking a place on the Snark for one of our August adventures you can be sure of pleasant weather, a relaxing environment and great company and food, with minimum damage to the environment; what more do you need from a holiday?

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