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All change.....

Wow, what a train crash this year is turning into. Brexit chaos followed by Covid-19 then who knows what but certainly difficult economic times ahead. We have, as you might expect, had to cancel all our planned events for 2020.

This is a huge personal and financial blow to our new business. We have spent the past four years building Snark from a bare shell, getting trained and qualified to operate her commercial, obtaining endless licences and approvals, establishing operating procedures and policies, networking and making marketing connections, setting up our web site and booking system, running trial events, programme planning, booking berths and entry to the many Mayflower 400 events, and much, much more; all to come to fruition about now.

But that is not to be, so we have spent some time re-thinking and looking forward, as positively as we can. Just when you think the way ahead is completely obscured, the sun starts to peak through.

Fortunately we have some income from unrelated employment which will keep us afloat for the immediate future. We are hoping (and praying) that the current restrictions will ease up later in the spring or early summer and have therefore planned some special exclusive off grid cruises for close groups to book together. These are now posted and bookable on our web site. Family bookings are particularly welcome. We have changed our booking terms to allow late cancellation, rescheduling and transfer without penalty if restrictions are not lifted or your personal circumstances change.

We are now looking ahead to 2021 and what wonderful experiences we can provide for our guests. We will still be offering week-end yoga retreats on the beautiful, tranquil, upper reaches of the Dart and off grid cruises exploring the spectacular coast, rivers and estuaries of the West Country as well as taking part in the various music, food and sailing festivals in the West Country ports. We are also planning some surprise events and adventures about which more in future blogs

So why not sign up to receive updates and special offers as soon as they are posted or follow us on Twitter.

Please do take care of yourselves and stay well.

Paul and Qiao

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