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a few thoughts on the climate emergency

Following publication of the IPCC report yesterday there can be little doubt that the climate is changing. The extreme weather events we are seeing around the world and at home have of course happened before, but the frequency is increasing, and the records are tumbling. In temperate Britain we are not immune from this change, and we can expect more intense rain, more weather bombs like Storm Evert and longer, hotter heat waves.

Simplistically, much of the increase in temperature to date has been absorbed by the sea. This is emitting more water vapour which in turn energises the atmosphere creating more variable and energetic weather. While there are some who would still wish it otherwise, the evidence is now undeniable that it is human activity that is causing this change.

Changes in everyone’s lifestyles are going to come as a result of this crisis. This could be structured and voluntary or anarchic and imposed. Either way everyone’s freedom of choice is going to be limited. The question being should this be fairly distributed or a free for all, with the privileged continuing to take a lion’s share?

We are beyond the time when we, as a global community, can prevent significant increases , but we can, both individually and collectively, do a lot to mitigate the effects of the changes and start the long, slow process of reversal.

Where to begin?

Make a real difference, by reduce your carbon footprint in every way you can. There are many environmental actions we are urged to follow every day; recycling, reduced plastic use, boycotting food from unsustainable sources, etc. They are all important but at the very top of the list must be reducing the emission (and increasing the capture) of greenhouse gasses. So, do an online carbon footprint test. Choose the biggest emitters in your lifestyle and radically reduce them, that’s 50%+ not just a little bit.

Lead by example, think how your lifestyle impacts on the crisis and openly change it in response. We aren’t all as committed to this as Greta, but her example is undoubtedly leading change, especially amongst her generation. Ditch the SUV or 4x4, the ‘road dominating proportions’ of an Audi won’t save you from this crisis; change your diet to cut down on meat, especially beef; don't flying unless absolutely need to and don’t be shy about telling others what you are doing and why.

Make your voice heard, whether this is getting arrested at an XR protest or simply through the ballot box, we all have a voice that can be used to steer both public opinion and political agendas. Talk to your family, friends and colleagues about your concerns. E-mail your PM, tell them what policies will win your vote. Challenge dinosaur thinking and misinformation.

What’s this to do with Snark?

To start with we aren’t making empty promises of being ‘net zero’ by 20 something or selling you questionable offset to placate your conscience. We are talking to you about the crisis and giving you the opportunity to enjoy the natural world without destroying it.

We provide off grid, low carbon sailing holidays and yoga retreats in the UK for UK residents. No plane to the Med. or Caribbean, get to us by train or car share, cruise using the wind and tides on an energy efficient vessel, eat organic locally produced food from sustainable suppliers.

We won’t lecture or harangue you. After all you’ve already helped us in our aim by choosing Snark for your holiday or event. The picture above represents annual temperature changes in the UK, blue is below average, red above average.

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