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A few last minute bits and pieces....

Our first event of the season is planned for next weekend, a preview yoga retreat for friends, family and hopefully the press. At the moment the level of attendance is still uncertain for the obvious reasons.

However in the meantime we push on with making sure Snark is ready for the new season. The sun is shining and its finally time to fix the troublesome lifting rudder.

First get your tender strategically positioned on the mud so you don't have to get the waders on to reach the lifting rudder screws. Carefully extract the screws without dropping them in the mud, lift the rudder blade with a rope attached to the end of the boom,

lower onto the pontoon, extract the seized central bearing which has been stopping the blade dropping right down and clean off the accumulated mud and grime. Get ready to sand and paint. What could possibly go wrong? You spotted it, yes, it started raining! Grr.

So inside to fit the last bits of joinery, the linings to the forward cabin sky lights.

We are looking forward to seeing you at some time during the summer. As long as we are healthy we will be running the events listed on this site. If you feel the need to get away from the urban panic, a weekend on the water or a week's cruise around the West Country is a perfect escape. We are putting together a special charter package so a smaller group of friends or a family can have exclusive use of the boat at a reasonable rate. A kind of social distancing but more fun. More on this in our next blog.

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