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The Thames Match

We have discovered that the second leg of our tour is passing through Gravesend just one day before the running of the 90th Thames Match. This is the second oldest sailing race in the world and is open to classic Thames barges with traditionally qualified barge masters and main men. While we don't quite fit the crew criteria to join the race we can enjoy the spectacle and join the celebrations as spectators and guests. (the picture is of the Colne Match)

So we have modified our schedule slightly, extending leg 2 to incorporate two extra days. One will be spent at Chatham Historic Dockyards, Snark's launch place and where Victory and many other famous ships were built. The second day will be spent following the Thames Race on the water and joining the post race celebrations with other Thames barge crews and enthusiasts.

Leg 3 The Thames will be reduced by one day but still cover the same ground from Limehouse to Great Yarmouth. The tariffs for the two legs have also been adjusted accordingly.

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