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Summer Sailings

We will start to get the Snark ready for her summer sailings soon. We have a wonderful trip planned for this summer taking in lots of great coastal scenery, marine wild life, historic ports and towns, celebrations and festivals. Join us and explore the coastal heritage we share with our nearest neighbour, France.

As we hop from port to port along the north French coast there is plenty of time to visit the nearby sites. From the fortifications of the Pays de Calais to Pegasus Bridge at Caen, the iconic Tapestry in Bayeux to Mont St. Michel, the D-Day beaches to the restored fortress town of St Malo, the the landmarks of northern France are intrinsically tied to our shared heritage.

Many sprit sail barges traded with the northern French ports in the past though very few have visited recently. This is a unique chance to sail on the Snark as she retraces these routes, using her versatile sailing characteristics to visit heritage ports both large and small. With her shallow draft and high manoeuvrability she can go places that are inaccessible to other ships of her size, without compromising your comfort or safety.

For the last two stages we are visiting as many historic harbours as we can along the coast and rivers of southern Devon and Cornwall, including a return to the Isles of Scilly. Whether we will get as far up river as Kingsbridge and Truro Town Quays are still being explored!

We only take six passengers at a time for one week stages of the trip (or longer if your like) As a result we can provide comfortable spacious private berths, plenty of space for chilling out and give you our full attention. It means you pay a little more but for this you get the exclusivity and service of an all inclusive sailing voyage with no hidden extras.

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