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On-line booking at a better price

We have updated our web site to take on-line reservations for our Summer Sailings and at the same time we have reduced our tariffs for this summer.

We set the prices for 2024 in June 2023 when inflation was very high with no sign it would reduce, since then we have been able to re-evaluate our likely costs for 2024 and we can confidently reduce our tariffs by around 10%. This is now reflected in the prices on our web site.

We also control the price you pay by taking bank transfers on line thus avoiding the 2-3% card charges we were experiencing, by selling directly so avoiding 15 - 20% agency fees and by keeping our Summer Sailings as cruises only so we can charge 0% VAT.

We could reduce the tariff further by taking more passengers on each holiday, however this would start to compromise your comfort and privacy as well as the quality of the personal service we can provide for you. We believe that the enhanced experience of being in a smaller group is well worth the additional cost and so we are keeping our 6 passenger limit except for private charters.

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