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No-one can live on bread alone

Though we do make rather delicious bread on board for all our events; more on that in a future blog.

Our menus vary depending on the season, location and type of event. All of our food and ingredients is sourced from local suppliers, where available and as far as possible is from organic or sustainable sources. Riverford supply our fruit and veg; Dartmouth Butchers, our meats; Clearspring, our condiments and spices; Shipton Mill, our flours and yeasts; etc. We cook everything on board, some we will chill or freeze for reheating when preparation time is expected to be short but most is freshly prepared on the day.

Mussel and fennel broth with home made bread

We started out inspired by the southern and eastern Mediterranean recipes of Moro from tapas to tagine, meze to pilav but then realised we missed our own comfort foods from the UK and China so expanded our range to incorporate our mouth watering Barge pies and full English breakfasts, stews and crumbles as well as slow cooked pork belly and crab filled steam buns, Chinese savoury pancakes and stir-fries.

Full English tapas

Sometimes we just get confused (or cook fusion food as the pros call it ) as with the full English tapas we provided for breakfast event last summer; bacon, sausage and black pudding, eggs three ways and baked beans toms, fried bread and toast.

Homemade Hangzhou wonton soup

Sometimes its just about sharing our personal comfort food with our guests. We have recently added Hangzhou wonton soup to the menu, one of Qiao's favourites and though we say so ourselves pretty close to the real thing (which we sampled together on our culinary tour of China in 2018 )

Apple pie with clotted cream and Tarte de Santiago with nectarine and cream

Lastly and not least we do desserts; pies and tarts are a staple with fresh fruit, local clotted cream and ice cream along with crumbles and fruit sponges.

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