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'Great. Thank you. I really enjoyed the experience.'

Some feed back from our early season events.

'Thank you both very much for your hospitality over the weekend - it was quite wonderful to be in your company and to share your enthusiasm and developments of Snark. She is a remarkable boat which you have built together and will be a great asset to tourism in South Devon. People will love to see her sailing up and down the Dart and further afield. Hopefully, I will be allowed to come and play with her and learn her ways. I look forward to sailing with you both again……'

'Best wishes and thank you once again for a memorable weekend.'

'I didn’t know what to expect but I enjoyed myself tremendously!'

'Food was delicious and filling - it would be difficult to improve on - and menu and sourcing were totally in keeping with the yoga retreat. Care was taken to provide a vegan option.'

'A memorable break - the combination of the sea, Devon, yoga, good company and great food.'

'Your wonderful cooks. The food was delicious, wholesome and restorative. A bit like being on the ocean. It was good to eat well and healthily.'

'Your enthusiasm and your attention to detail in addition to the Snark will be one of your biggest assets.'

'I had such a great, relaxing week-end and the sailing experience on the Thames barge was fascinating.'

'I didn’t know what to expect when Vicky mentioned hammocks. Surprisingly comfortable.'

'I didn’t read about the hammock online – but to my surprise I enjoyed it.' (n.b. bunks are also available)

Enough said !

Don't miss the chance to share their experiences.

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