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Corsairs and the pink granite coast

St. Malo is a special place, a walled city that has withstood sieges and bombardments, declared independence and hosted privateers and corsairs ( licenced pirates to you and me). These days it offers the best harbour in north Brittany and some excellent restaurants and cafes. It is also easy to get to by ferry from the UK and is the start point for the next stage of our Tour de La Manche.

Everything about this coast is superlative, the tides are huge and the tidal streams ferocious, to say the coast is rocky is an understatement and the ports and coastal villages are pretty and welcoming, a mixture of granite and half timber buildings in a very distinctive style.

Our only definite is that we need to be in Roscoff (or maybe Morlaix) in a week's time. We have a plan as to where we might anchor or berth but it assumes particular winds and tides, it will change to suit both the conditions and the preferences of the passengers. But that's no bad thing as there is so much to explore along the north Brittany beautiful coast that we wont be short of things to do and places to go.

We always provide a meal on board for those who want it but there is no question that this area has some of the best seafood restaurants in France and it's famous crepe. So a few meals ashore will not go amiss.

Oh and I forgot to mention the rocks, pink granite boulders and underwater cliffs all exposed by the 6-8 m tides.

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