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Imagine leaving behind the stresses and worries of everyday life, with your only concern being what your next view might be!


Sail around our country’s beautiful coastline on board the Thames Barge, Snark, immersing yourself in the worlds of sailing and seamanship or yoga and meditation.  Whatever you decide we promise a truly unique and memorable holiday or short break.


Snark is based in the picturesque town of Dartmouth in South Devon.

Spacious and welcoming we have a four-berth cabin and individual sleeping hammocks for four which are surprisingly comfortable.  Individuals and groups of all levels of experience are welcome.

Our tariffs are fully inclusive with plenty of good home-cooked food, comfortable accommodation and hands-on experience. 


You just have to bring yourselves, a sense of adventure and suitable clothing.


Join us for one of our many activities and events including;


  • Sailing days, weekends and passages, including taking part in regattas and parades.

  • Yoga and meditation classes and retreats.

  • Coastal and river cruising.

  • Culinary and wildlife expeditions.

  • Special celebrations: anniversaries, birthdays, weddings. 

  • Corporate charter: workshops, meetings, client entertainments, networking, team building.

  • Private charter: either static or sailing. Including private retreats and private dining.

  • Venue hire: live music, classes, clubs, exhibitions.

Whether Snark is moored alongside the Town Quay in Dartmouth or Totnes, off on a short voyage along the River Dart, or venturing further afield to neighbouring ports in Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, and Cornwall, you will be assured of making new and different memories.  For the more adventurous among you, we can sail to France and the Channel Islands.


Depending on the type of event and your personal preferences, we encourage guests to share in the sailing and domestic activities on board.  No previous experience is needed and we will provide basic instruction and information on anything from sail trimming to navigation, knot tying to helming.  We do not offer RYA training but any sailing miles can be put towards your experience.



Reviews – don’t just take our word for it!


I had such a great, relaxing weekend and the sailing experience on the Thames barge was fascinating.'


'A memorable break - the combination of the sea, Devon, yoga, good company and great food.'