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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

I think I mentioned before that we make all of our bread on board. Our flours comes from Shipton Mill who make a fantastic range of flours and grits from all around the world as well as selling brilliant yeasts. Our standard loaf for toast and sarnis is a tin loaf made from a mix of strong white and course wholemeal.

Sometimes we might vary this with rye or spelt flours or make cobs, rolls or plaits. Our Moroccan bread is made with milk and fennel seeds glazed with egg yolk, really delicious.

Sourdough is very trendy on land but keeping live cultures going on a boat is not the best way so we use dried yeast when we need a rise. When a serious rise is needed, for ciabatta for example, we make a biga overnight and then bake the next day. For this we use a mix of strong bread flour for the biga and fine white or 00 for the main bread mix. This makes a wonderfully light and fluffy ciabatta or baguette, completely moreish.

Not all our bread is leaven however and we also make Chinese pancakes, Indian chapatis and Scandinavian flat breads. Often bread is freshly prepared as part of a specific meal, pancakes for slow cooked chicken or pork belly with pickled cabbage, vegetable curries with chapatis, knackebrod for smorgasbord, rye with scrambled eggs, light brown with muscle and fennel broth..

You might have noticed the meals (and wine) are generally for two ; the resident lock down crew. We can't wait to welcome guests back on board to share in these tasty treats and slow down the growth of our girths!

Until then stay safe and do please check out our revised 2020 and new 2021 programmes at

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