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Sail from Dartmouth up the English Riviera coast to Exmouth and into the Exe estuary. Spend 2 evenings and mornings anchored in the estuary watching the numerous wild fowl feed and roost, before returning to Dartmouth, hopefully seeing the local dolphins and seals en-route.


You will be able to enjoy:

  • Helping sail SNARK from Dartmouth along the adjacent coast,
  • The stunning scenery of the south Devon Coastline,
  • Oppotunities to watch the local dolphins, porpoises and seals,
  • A unique vantage point to see the wild fowl on the Exe estuary,
  • Wholesome local produce, freshly prepared on board.


Embark on the waterfront in Dartmouth at 10:00 on Friday, Disembark at the same point at 17:00 on Sunday. All food and refreshments are included along with bedding and towels.


Optional stay on board the night before and / or after for an extra £60 / person / night for B&B.

08-10 November 2019 Nature Watch Cruise to Exe Estuary