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Take part in 3 days of classic boat racing interspersed with shore side entertainment and events at the Falmouth Classic Regatta and the free International Sea Shanty Festival.


You will be able to enjoy:

  • Helping race the sailing barge agianst other traditional sailing crafts around Carrick Roads,
  • A wide range of live performance of traditional nautical music, along with local food and drinks,
  • Evening events organised by the Regatta.


Embark on the pontoon at Falmouth Haven Marina at 08:00 on Friday. Disembark at the same place at 15.00 on Sunday. All on board food and refreshments are included along with bedding and towels. Evening meals and refreshments are not included unless arranged beforehand.


If you would like to extend your time on board to include delivery cruise from Dartmouth and / or the return trip to Dartmouth after the Regatta and Festival, please book these events in addition.

12-14 June 2020 Falmouth Classics Regatta