Snark's Baltic Voyage 2023

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It already seems an age since we returned to Dartmouth from our three and half month Round Britain voyage but in fact it was only last Friday. We had a fantastic summer, visiting many new and fascinating places, welcoming lots of wonderful people on board to share the spectacular coastal scenery and wildlife of the British Isles. We should give a special thanks to for arranging such timely visits from our cetacean friends, always on cue!

This was our first full season, having started the business in 2019 with a try out season followed by two years of stop-start lockdowns. We wondered if such an ambitious programme would work but should not have worried. It worked out splendidly. We have of course learned a lot which we can bring to our next season, but we have also gained the confidence to plan our next big adventure.

Lots of you have requested information about next year’s plans. We are now in the final stages of planning a voyage to the Baltic and back. There are of course still lots of details to finalise and some regulatory requirements to sort out (the Brexit bonus!). However, we are 95% certain we will be setting off in mid-May for a 3 ½ month odyssey to the Baltic. We have arranged the legs so you can choose to join us for one or two weeks at a time, with the Baltic cruise being a two week event.

We will start taking firm bookings shortly but for now we are asking those of you who are interested in booking to message us with which leg/s you wish to join. We will put you on a first come first served list without obligation, to be given priority booking once we have everything finalised in a few weeks’ time.

Provisional Itinerary

Leg 1 13 May - 20 May English Channel

Dartmouth to Dover Coastal 225 nm

Sail along the spectacular south coast of England stopping at iconic ports and harbours

Leg 2 21 May – 29 May Dutch Canals

Dover to Amsterdam Coastal and canal 230 nm

Cross the busy English Channel and up the coast of France and Belgium to enter the Dutch canal system at Vlissingen and through the polders and canals to Amsterdam.

Crew break

Leg 3 3 June – 10 June South Friesian Islands

Amsterdam to Borkum Inland seas 130 nm

Leave Amsterdam into the inland seas of Markermeer and Ijsselmeer and north across the tidal estuaries between the Friesian Islands and Netherlands and German coasts.

Leg 4 11 June – 19 June North Friesian Islands

Borkum to Glukstadt Inland seas 145 nm

Continue hopping over the sand banks into the Elbe to the historic German town of Glukstadt near Hamburg.

Crew break

Leg 5 24 June – 9 July Baltic cruise

Glukstadt to Copenhagen Canal and islands 485 nm

Head through the Kiel Canal into the Baltic Sea for a two week cruise through the Danish islands maybe to Aarhus then back via Helsingborg in Sweden to Copenhagen.

Crew break

Leg 6 15 July – 22 July Danish Islands

Copenhagen to Cuxhaven Islands and canal 230 nm

Sail south through the Danish islands and Kiel canal to the Elbe.

Leg 7 23 July – 30 July North Friesian Islands

Cuxhaven to Emden Inland seas 130 nm

Wind through the sand banks and nature reserves between the North Frisian Islands and the German coast to Emden.

Crew break

Leg 8 5 Aug – 12 Aug South Friesian Islands

Emden to Amsterdam Inland seas 180 nm

Continue south crossing the sands via Texel, the Ijsselmeer and Markermeer into the Dutch canals at Amsterdam.

Leg 9 13 Aug – 20 Aug Dutch Canals and Dover Straits

Amsterdam to Boulogne Canal and coastal 245 nm

Travel down through the canals and polders and out into the southern North Sea, down the Dutch, Belgian and French coasts, through the Dover Straits to Boulogne sur Mer.

Crew break

Leg 10 26 Aug – 2 Sept English Channel

Boulogne to Dartmouth Coastal 225 nm

Cross the busy English Channel to the south coast of England for a cruise back to Snark’s home port of Dartmouth.


We are still collating the costs of the trip, tricky in a volatile economy. We anticipate the standard berth will be approx. £1,950/person/week and the premium berth for the double Owners cabin will be £2,250/person/week. This will include full bed and board including drinks etc. but exclude travel to and from the vessel and any excursions or meals ashore etc. Further details of the accommodation and catering are on the web site.

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