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It's getting better all the ti-y-ime...

Now is the time to book your last minute summer break, right here in the UK. We have some places on the seven day Three Rivers Voyage starting on 12 August in Totnes and on the eight day Isles of Scilly voyage starting on 25 August in Fowey. Both of these voyages are packed with sailing, historic ports, nature and good food and company. They are fight free and as sustainable as we can make them with no offset or greenwashing.

There is no arguing that July has been unseasonably wet and windy in the South West. Rainfall has been 160% of average and temperatures have stayed disappointingly low. But there are positive signs that things are starting to change for the better. The jet stream is moving north and west, the Azores high is spreading NE and starting to cover SW England pushing the never ending train of anticyclones north; to Scotland!

Saturday promises to bring one last storm to Devon and then it gradually settles down to more seasonal weather so by the 12th we are looking at comfortable mid twenties temperatures and gentle sailing winds. Perfect summer sailings.

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