Mayflower Adventure


Sail In the Wake of the Mayflower
on Thames Sailing Barge SNARK

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In 1620 the Mayflower set sail from the Port of London to take the Pilgrim Fathers to a new life in America. She stopped off at Southampton to join company with the Speedwell carrying further refugees who had been in exile in Holland. Their onward journey was interrupted by stopovers in Dartmouth and Plymouth, to make repairs to and eventually abandon the Speedwell. They finally set off from Plymouth for the New World.
Throughout the summer of 2020 sailing barge Snark will be sailing along the route taken by Mayflower and Speedwell, stopping off as they did and participating in the various events and celebrations arranged around the coast to celebrate the Mayflower 400 centenary. We will visit other famous ports along the coast as well as enjoying the beautiful south coast scenery and watching out for the plentiful wildlife that shares these waters. Guest are welcome to help with the sailing of Snark or just sit back and enjoy the trip and share some of the sights and experiences that the original Mayflower passengers would have known.
Our tariff is all-inclusive, you just have to bring yourselves and suitable clothing.