Access and special needs

We endeavour to provide our services to people of all abilities at our scheduled events, boat charter or private hire. Where practical, we have designed and fitted out Snark to accommodate as diverse a range of abilities as we can.


However, she is a large traditional sailing vessel and there are a number of physical barriers that can make moving around on deck and accessing various facilities below deck problematic to those with limited mobility particularly those who are wheelchair-bound.  


Where strength and dexterity are restrictions, we can usually find tasks and activities that will allow you to be involved.


Those with visual and auditory disabilities may have difficulty following commands and working with the complex and potentially dangerous rigging.  However, with some patience and if possible, with a designated helper, most people can be part of the crew and make a contribution to the sailing of the vessel.


Sailing is a remarkable leveller and is accessible by those with learning and mental health problems, often providing a positive therapeutic effect.  However, it is essential that all on board are capable and prepared to follow instructions for their own safety and that of others.  So, where the learning or behavioural problems limit this ability, we are unlikely to be able to accommodate them.


Notwithstanding the above, the Master’s opinion and decision regarding whether a passenger can be accommodated is final and we do not operate an appeal procedure.