2022 RB tariff.jpg
  • To book your place on the cruise first go to bookings and choose the leg/s you wish to join.

  • Then purchase a Reserve ticket which will secure your place. This is the same price for full and discounted bookings.

  • At least 8 weeks before the start of the leg you are joining you must purchase a second Confirm ticket to pay the balance of the tariff.

  • If you buy both tickets before 20/12/2021 and you are one of the first 20% of bookings, you are eligible for a 20% discount  by buying a Confirm  20/20  ticket.  These will be taken off sale on 21/12/2021 or earlier if the 20% booking level is reached on the total cruise.

  • There is one discounted place per leg for a trainee crew member who will be expected to 'work their passage' helping with hospitality and deck work. Contact us with CV showing appropriate experience and if you are suitable, we will send you a discount code. 

  • Please read our terms and conditions for information regarding fluctuations and cancelations.