2022 Round Britain Cruise

After the restrictions and uncertainty of the past two years you deserve to do something exciting, challenging and possibly a little crazy next summer. Snark is visiting the four nations that make up Great Britain, stopping off at each nation’s capital as well as other historic ports. Why not sail aboard Snark on her epic adventure.

Where are we going

Starting from Plymouth we have split the trip into ten legs, each covering a particular part of the British coast. Each leg will be involved between 5 and 9 sailing days, with embarkation the afternoon before and disembarkation the morning after.

Snark will coast hop between ports and anchorages, covering between 25 and 50 nautical miles per day and on a few days up to 60 miles. In total we will sail over 2000 miles over three months. There will be time on some days to explore the interesting harbours and anchorages we visit, while on others we will be sailing for most of the day.

No previous sailing experience is needed but we will encourage you to do your bit to help with the sailing; we will provide suitable training onboard. See the more detailed descriptions on the bookings page.


1          English Channel           1 June – 8 June             Plymouth to Eastbourne

2          White Cliffs                   11 June – 18 June         Eastbourne to London

3          The Thames                  21 June – 27 June         London to Gt Yarmouth

4          Anglia                            30 June – 7 July            Gt. Yarmouth to Whitby

5          Northumbria                 10 July – 17 July            Whitby to Edinburgh 

6          Herring Coast               20 July – 27 July            Leith to Inverness

7          Scottish Lochs               30 July – 10 Aug           Inverness to Belfast

8          Irish Sea                         13 Aug – 20 Aug           Belfast to Caernarfon

9          Cymru                            23 Aug – 31 Aug           Caernarfon to Cardiff

10        West Country                3 Sept – 13 Sept           Cardiff to Plymouth

Schedule keeping

We hope to cover as much of the trip under sail as possible but to maintain our schedule we may have to motor for some of the way.  We may also have days when the weather is unsuitable, and we have to stay in harbour. Hopefully we can make up the lost time, but it is possible we may have to end a leg at an earlier port. We will offer you the choice of disembarking on the appointed day at a different port, or alternatively, you will be welcome to stay on board for no additional tariff and help us get Snark to her scheduled destination a day or two late. Any incidental costs associated with either option will be your responsibility, check that your travel insurance covers any rebooking expenses etc.

Booking online

You can book online, first purchase a reservation ticket to reserve your place.  Then purchase a confirmation ticket at least 8 weeks before the event to secure your booking. You can join consecutive legs however you will need to stay ashore for the three-night intermediate layover, to give the crew time to clean up, prepare the boat for the next leg and to give them a break!  We are licenced to take up to 12 passengers but for this trip we are limiting the number to 6 per leg to ensure we can provide the best service. That is only 60 places in total. Feel free to message us if you have any questions you would like answered before booking.

Crew discount 

On each leg one place will be available at a 50% discounted price for one trainee crew member who will be expected to work their passage supporting both hospitality and deck work. So, you will need some appropriate experience and/or qualifications.  Send us your CV to bookings@snark.limited and which leg/s you want to join.  If you meet our needs, we will send you a discount code for booking the tickets.