2022 Information and tariffs

This trip is a celebration of all that is good about the British and Northern Irish coast, the wildlife, the scenery, the regional food, the industrial, marine and military heritage, challenging sailing, local dialects and traditional music.


Snark is visiting the four nations that make up the UK - England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales - stopping at each nation’s capital, as well as other historic ports.


Why not sail around Britain aboard Snark on her big adventure? 

How long will it take to sail around the UK?​

Starting from Plymouth, Snark will sail over 2,100 miles over three months. We've split the trip into ten legs, each covering a particular part of the British or Northern Irish coast. Each leg will be between 5 and 11 sailing days, with embarkation the afternoon before and disembarkation the morning after. You can choose to join one leg or more.

Snark will coast hop between ports and anchorages, covering between 25 and 50 nautical miles per day and on a few days up to 60 miles. There will be plenty of time on some days to explore the interesting harbours and anchorages we visit, while on others we will be sailing most of the day.

Snark sailing holidays Sail around Britain map for 2022Snarks-big-adventure-2022-map-anti_edite

See the more detailed itineraries on the 2022 Round Britain booking page.


1          English Channel          1 June – 8 June              Plymouth to Eastbourne

2          White Cliffs                  11 June – 20 June          Eastbourne to London

3          The Thames                 22 June – 27 June         London to Great Yarmouth

4          Anglia                           30 June – 7 July            Great Yarmouth to Whitby

5          Northumbria                10 July – 17 July            Whitby to Edinburgh 

6          Herring Coast              20 July – 27 July            Leith to Inverness

7          Scottish Lochs             30 July – 10 Aug            Inverness to Belfast

8          Irish Sea                       13 Aug – 20 Aug            Belfast to Caernarfon

9          Cymru                          23 Aug – 31 Aug            Caernarfon to Cardiff

10        West Country              3 Sept – 13 Sept            Cardiff to Plymouth

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How to book your sailing holiday


To book your place on Snark, first go to 2022 Round Britain booking. 


Choose the leg you wish to join.


Then purchase a deposit ticket, which will secure your place. This is a 25% deposit and is the same price for full and discounted bookings.


At least 8 weeks before the start of the leg you are joining, you must then purchase the balance ticket to pay the remaining 75% balance of the tariff.


One place reserved for a trainee crew member, who will be expected to 'work their passage,' helping with hospitality and deck work. Contact us and we'll send you a simple questionnaire to help us evaluate your suitability. 


Please read our terms and conditions for information regarding fluctuations and cancellations.